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Partial List of Previous:

Presentations, Lectures at  
Conferences and Events

SF Tesla Society  2009
Evolution into the Next Paradigm -
Quantum Biology, Collective 
Consciousness and the Proactive 
Manifestation of Future History

Tesla Tech 2008     New Mexico
Nanostructured Materials and Fab Processes
in Advanced Energy Applications

Singularity Convergence 2008 seminar
Santa Clara    CA
Biophysics, Quantum Physics, and
Neuro Aesthetics Research & Application

SF Art Institute lecture series 2008
Cognition, Evolution, and Existence Morphology
in an N-Dimensional "Apparent" World

SF Art Institute lecture series 2007
Biometric Immersion into the Ubiquitous Data Grid
- the Next Evolutionary Increment

UN World Environment Conference 2005
San Francisco   CA
Mapping a Strategy for the Future -
At the Intersection of Energy, New Technologies
and Emerging Economies

International Nano 2005
San Francisco   CA
At the Intersection of Nanotech and Greentech

Nano Electronics and Photonics Forum 2005
Palo Alto    CA
At the Intersection of Cleantech and Nanotech

Tech Startup Connection seminar   2005
Menlo Park   CA
Practical NanoTechnology -
Where are the Career Opportunities

SigGraph 2005
Los Angeles   CA
Computation, Complexity,and Cleantech

UUIC presentation 2005
Petaluma  CA
Convergence Syndrome shaping 
our Potential Future History

NanoSIG energy seminar   2004    Wash DC
Mapping a Strategy for the Future -
Energy Resources, New Technologies
10 - 15 Year Horizon

Lockheed Martin, Fall 2004 -   Florida
Immersion into the Ubiquitous Computing Grid:
Operational Viability

FDA   Spring 2004 -    Rockland   MD
At the Intersection of Nanotechnology and 
Bio-Pharma Convergence:  What is a Drug? 
New Definitions, New Modalities

Digital Biota III   2004 
SJU   San Jose  CA   
Exploring the Archeology of the Future:
Anthropological Emergence of Artificial Life in a Human / Digital Biota Symbiosis

Softech Spring 2004 -
Nanotechnology Futures:  Emergent Development Paths and Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

NanoScience Exchange lecture series 2003 - 2004
1) Nanowires: Many Materials, Many Applications
2) Self Assembly and Biologically Inspired Processes

Woodrow Wilson International Center, Spring 2003
Nanotechnology: Gateway Platform to Sustainable and Renewable Energy Applications

Foundation for Mind Being Research, Spring 2003 - 
A World in Transition:  The Convergence Syndrome
Approcahing the Evolutionary Eventhorizon

USIC Partnerships for Prosperity 2003 -
Nanotechnology: Catlayzing New Directions in
Electronics and Photonics

AAAS Pacific Division Conference, Spring 2003 -
Biological and Novel Techniques in Applied Nanotechnology

Contact 2003 - NASA / Ames
Exploration into the "Invokation of Rapture" Phenomena:
a Possible Next Increment toward Cosmological Evolution 

Nano Electronics and Photonics Forum Conference, 2003 -
Nanobiological Materials and Processes in Electronics and Photonics

Banff Institute - Spring 2003
Nanotech Infotech Biotech Cognotech Convergence:
Evolutionary Vectors Catalyzing the History of our Future

SF Art Institute 2003 lecture series - 
1) Biometric Immersion into the Ubiquitous Data Grid 
2) A Probe into Future History: the Evolution of Existence Enhancement

Contact 2003 - NASA/Ames
Exploration into the "Invokation of Rapture" Phenomena, via Content Spawned from Biological Metaphors in Computing -
A Possible Next Increment Toward Cosmolgical Evolution

SigGraph 2003
Media, Art, and Nanotechnology as Convergence Vectors Catalyzing the History of our Future

5th Bi-Annual Futurists in Telecommunications Conference - UCLA
At the Intersection of Evolutionary Networks, Biological Computing, and System Sentience

NanoPlanet Conference, Spring 2002 - 
Nanotechnology is the Gateway to an Emergent 
Industrial Infrastructure

Tesla Society lecture series 2002 - 
Approaching the Evolutionary Event Horizon: 
Tracking the Emerging Ecology of Bio Convergence, 
Cyber Symbiosis and Synthetic Sentience

SVASE forum - 
Investment Opportunities in Nanotechnology 2001

USF 2001 -
Strategic Imperatives in New Business Models

SFSU 2001 lecture series -
Strategic Decision Making in a Realtime Connected Economy: an Operational Ecology Paradigm

Seybold 2001 - 
Key Emerging Technologies: Infotech, Biotech, Nanotech

CyberArts X , SF Exploratorium - 
A World in Transition:  Evolution into the History of the Future

Technology Forecast 2001 Forum - Pasadena, 2000

Presentations / events pre - 2000

World Multiconference on Information Systemics, Cybernetics,
& Informatics, 98, 99

Multi-Agent Spatial Modeling Symposium - 
2000, UCLA

Biota III - Digital Biota conference
San Jose State University - 2000

Tesla Society lecture series 2000 -
A World in Transition: Strategic and Societal Imperatives

Tech Trends 2000 - UCLA
The Emergent age of the 3rd Millennium: 
Global Biotechnology Development Megatrends

Technolink Association conference on the Digital Divide - The New Revolution  '99

San Jose Tech Museum, McBean Theater -
Nanotechnology and the Invokation of Rapture 

International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis, 98, 99

Duke University, Fuqua School of Business '99 -
Strategic Implications of the Internet:
The Duke Advanced Management Program, 

SF Exploratorium lecgture series '98
Evolution in the Next Millennia:  
The Media Matrix and Life on the Virtual Terraform 

Alife VI - UCLA, '98
At the Intersection of Biological Metaphors in Computing and Aesthetic Content: a Catalyst of Cultural Evolution 

Prudential Life Financial Services Annual Senior Account Management Forum '98 - 
Major Technology Trends Which Will Shape the History of our Future

AAAI Conference on Computational Anthropology, 97

Paradox Seminar, Arcosanti '97 - 
A World in Transition: Approaching the Evolutionary Eventhorizon

COMDEX - fall 95, 96, 97

SigGraph 94, 95, 96, 97, 98

WorldMovers 97 

Aspen Summit 98
"Virtual Humans" in Computing and Telemedia - Aspen Institute 

Earth to Avatars - SFSU

European Symposium on Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence - 
The Internet as an Organism: the Emergent Human 
/ Internet Symbiosis 

Paradox Seminar I, Arcosanti Institute - 
A World in Transition: Approaching the Evolutionary Eventhorizon 

The Banff Centre, (Canada) 
Science and Art at the Brink of Chaos Conference - 
The Cultures of Biotech, Nanotech, and Ecotech: 
The Emergent Evolutionary Threshold    

Connectionism in the Next Century Symposium '98 -
Pepperdine University Frontiers of Science and Media Technologies 

Mostra 2 Realidade Virtual (Brazil) 

InterMedia World

Contact Consortia XIII, XIV, XV

Entcon 95, 96, 97

SXSW 97 - 
Future of Electronic Media and Human Cybernetics

Partial list of recently published papers and conference presentations: 

Paper titled "Transactional Process Brokeraging of Virtual Commodity Process Assets - an Emergent Economic Ecology". accepted for publishing and presentation in both the SCI 99 and ISAS 99 conferences 
5th International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis

World Multiconference on Information System Analysis and Symthesis,  July 31 - August 4, 1999 Orlando, Florida

Paper titled "Synthetic Sentience as a Strategic Commodity Resource" accepted for publishing and presentation in both the SCI 98 and ISAS 98 conferences 
4th International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis, 

World Multiconference on Information System Analysis and Symthesis,  July 12 - 16, 1998 Orlando, Florida

SigGraph 2001, Los Angeles, 
Lecture/presentation on the "Anthropological Emergence of Artificial Life in a Human / Digital Biota Symbiosis"  

Tech Trends 2000 conference series,  July 22 1999 Los Angeles,  Futurists in Telecommunications "the Digital Divide - Cultural and Economic Imperatives".   

Tech Trends 2000 conference series,  April 21 1999 Los Angeles,  Life Science Industries on the Edge of the New Millenium  "Global Biotechnology Development Megatrends - The Biotech Age".   

Tech Trends 2000 conference series,  October 14, 1998 Los Angeles,  Transformation of the Telecommunications Industry for the Year 2000 Convergence "The New Age of International Business - Is the Global Marketplace Prepared for the Paradigm Shift"

1999 -Digital Biota III,  Conference on Digital Biota and Virtual Worlds for Artificial Life - San Jose State University, Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science.
"Anthropological Implications of Digital Biota"

1999 - Executive Education Advanced Management Program - Duke University, Fuqua School of Business.   "Strategic Implications of the Internet"

Lecture/presentation at the Contact Consortia XV conference "Process Modalities of Applied Computational Resources which Mimic the Physiologies of Living Systems", as a mechanism for communication to real and synthetic entities 
March 6 - 8, 1999 Santa Clara

Paper/lecture presented to the Contact Consortium 
- CONTACT XIV Conference, March 7-10, 1998
“Development of Linguistic Systems and Communications Protocols with Societies of Artificial Lifeforms and Synthetic Sentients”

Summer 1997 meeting of the Tesla Society - San Francisco  
Presentation of paper re-edited and submitted to and accepted by the SCI 98 and ISAS 98 conferences “Synthetic Sentience as a Strategic Commodity Resource”

Presentation prepared for Alife VI conference - June 25 - 27 1998, UCLA,  Los Angeles
“Aesthetic Potential of Artificial Lifeforms and Synthetic Ecosystems”

Lecture/presentation to the Tesla Society, on the "Theoretical and Applied Aspects Synthetic Sentience as a Strategic Resource"  Feb 15, 1998 San Francisco

American Anthropological Association session (CSAS-#127), "Computing the Future of Culture - New Approaches to Understanding Cultural Dynamics" Lecture/presentation in Washington D.C. at the AAAI Computational Anthropology 97 conference, Nov 18 - 20 
"the Virtual Terraform - Beyond the New Event Horizon"

SigGraph 97, Los Angeles, 
Lecture/presentation on the "Aesthetics of Artificial Life in Synthetic Environments"  

Lecture/presentation at the Banff Multimedia Institute Dec 6 & 7, 1997 Future Technologies Seminar "Synthetic Sentience and the Advent of Virtual Immortality"

Lecture/presentation at the Avatars 97 conference, San Francisco.
"Aesthetic Exploration in Synthetic Environments - Experiential Artforms"

Paradox Seminar 97, Arcosanti, Arizona,  lecture in a panel on the topic of "Synthetic Sentience, Biochips,  and Nanotechnology".

Paper submitted to and accepted by the EMCSR '96 - 13th European Meeting on 
Cybernetics and Systems Research EMCSR'96, Vienna, April 9-12, 1996
"the Internet as an Organism"   

Paper/lecture presented to the Contact Consortium 96 
- CONTACT XIII Conference, March 7-10, 1996
“Object Oriented Organelles, Synthetic Organisms Flourishing in Synthetic Environments”

Presentation given at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA - 50 year anniversary of the Eniac
“Aesthetic Exploration of Alternative Nature on the Virtual Terraform”



Previous CONTACT presentations:

“The In-Silico Biology Paradigm: Gateway to Virtual Exobiology”

"Process Modalities of Applied Computational Resources which Mimic the Physiologies of Living Systems", as a mechanism for communication to real and synthetic entities 

“Development of Linguistic Systems and Communications Protocols with Societies of Artificial Lifeforms and Synthetic Sentients” , as a precursory requirement for Interaction with alien species   

Homo Carbonis-Homo Siliconis

... A World in Transition

Original version presented at the 1997 Paradox Seminar - Arcosanti, Arizona

Synthetic Sentience as a Strategic Commodity Resource

Knowledge velocity, scale, and complexity  are exceeding human capacity for effective decision rendering, particularly in  mission critical applications compressed into ever shorter time cycle increments. as presented at the SCI 98 / ISAS 98 Conferences - World  Multiconference on Systemics, Cyberbetics, and Informatics & 4th International Conference on Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis -  Orlando, Florida

Beyond the New Event Horizon
Cultural change is surpassing expectations we made only a few years ago. The useful lifetime of knowledge itself is being compressed into smaller windows. We are rapidly entering an age where decision rendering, a mission critical process, will simply exceed human capacity. At the threshold of that event horizon, the ability to have access to the virtual terraform, populated by an ever increasing ecology of intelligent agents and sentient entities, will no longer be an interesting luxury. It will become an absolute requirement

CONTACT, a unique annual interdisciplinary conference which brings together some of the world's foremost social and space scientists, science fiction writers and artists to exchange ideas, stimulate new perspectives and encourage serious, creative speculation about humanity's future ... onworld and offworld.

Navigating Intelligence: A Banff Summit

Operational Ecologies of Distributed Knowledge and  "Synthetic Sentience"
Conveyance - the Emergent Process Commodity of the Next Millennium

Biota III

At the far vision of the future, OWorld people participate as an offshoot of to bring artificial life to shared cyberspace ecosystems

1) A Probe into Future History

the Evolution of Existence Enhancement

2) Biometric Immersion into the Ubiquitous Data Grid

Digital NerveGarden - SigGraph


The Emergent Evolutionary

Eventstreams of NeuroAesthetics

Observing Jane Prophet demo of A-Life genetic mutation "breeding experiment" installation 
Digital Biota III   SJU  San Jose CA

Post conference discussion on psycho dynamic characteristics of cyborg synthoid hybrids vs. "organic" humanoids in current form, and other casual conversation topics of the moment . . .
Digital Biota III                         San Jose   CA

After SigGraph event and presentations 
Serious discussion over world changing issues of cosmic proportions . . . as in who pays the tab for the next round of refreshments         Los Angeles     

Lecture series at the SF Art Insititute -
"Life and Evolution on the Virtual Terraform"

Computer animation production developed at AAC, presented on PBS TV, at SigGraph, CyberArt, SF Tesla Society

Nanotechnology - Age of Convergence

Avatars 97

/ SigGraph

Intersection of the

virtual and biological

Deep thoughts . . .

Who is the first name that comes to mind with the word "avatars"?  
James Cameron perhaps, and the world Pandora . . .

Think again - this is the real deal . . . in 1997!

Bruce Damer and his Earth to Avatars event & also author of the original 
"Avatars" book, and longtime comrade
of the virtual universe

On the road to SigGraph 2005 in Los Angeles 
Missing bag . . . what missing bag???

says Charles Ostman, a senior fellow at the Institute for Global Futures, "Biochip implants may become part of a rote medical procedure . . . after that, interface with outside systems is a logical next step" from the article - Is Human Chip Implant Wave of the Future?

Mondo 2000 - Science & Tech Editor

Contributing author

NanoThinc - Dir of Media

Science Advisory Board

Digital Be-In SF 1997 . . . Live interview

Nanotechnology, self organizing molecular systems, artificial life, AI & synthetic sentience, commoditized genetic content, virtual commodity assets . . . a few of the "theoretical" ideas discussed then 

Art preceding reality, perhaps

Midnight Engineering - Tech Editor

Contributing author

IEEE Spectrum - Contributing author

Nanotech Industries - Contributing author

The Virtual World of Charles Ostman

interviewed by Michael Peter Langevin

As virtual reality and nanotechnology come together, expect a reality clash of unprecedented proportions


Computer Graphics World
Exploring virtual nature with procedural fractal and genetic algorithms that mimic biology -

Charles Ostman gallery


CyberArtsX - Reinventing the future

Extreme Visions of Art, Intelligence, & Artificial Intelligence

Seybold SF - 

Virtual worlds, alternative realities 

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