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 In the mid 1980s, these images were produced on an Amiga 2000, using an experimental raytracing program, RayDance,  developed by a friend (Charlie Comstock).  At the time, this was still a very embryonic concept. These images were literally "grown" in a virtual ecosystem.

 The content was created entirely from procedural algorithms, including some primitive "evolutionary" code scripts.  I didn't "draw" anything, but instead spent a lot of time creating self replicating structures, surface maps and so on. 

 This was a bit difficult to explain at the time (now this is very commonly done for myriad types of content).  Some of the more traditional artists of the time found this general concept quite controversial. 

 Only a very few of these were ever produced, that computer has long since ceased to exist, the program was never distributed commercially, I was one of the very few beta testers who worked with this.  Some of these examples were eventually displayed at SigGraph, and at a few installations.  Since then they have never been reproduced, there is no way to recreate any of this with those original tools.

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