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Charles Ostman has 40+ years experience in the fields of electronics, physics, materials science, computing, and various forms of applied AI and "artificial life", including eight years at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Primary focus was on specialized materials, including DSME (shape memory effect) metallic alloys, and various material systems with unique electronic and photonic properties. At Los Alamos, this experience was applied to work on the Antares Laser project, the world's largest / most powerful defense laser system successfully demonstrated at the time (during the SDI / "Star Wars" development program).

Subsequent professional experience encompasses a diverse range of technical development projects at facilities including GTE Lenkurt, Integrated Automation, Litton Industries, Lucas Films, Phoenix Laser Systems, Omni Scientific Instruments, NanoThinc, Raytheon, Fujitsu, Evolutionary Networks, and a variety of other technology related companies and institutions.

At NanoThinc, a private nanotechnology consulting group dating back to the early to mid '90's, he was the director of media development, and also on the scientific advisory board.

Charles Ostman was the co-founder of NanoSig, and chair of the NanoElectronics and Photonics Forum, an organization with the primary charter of facilitating investment in nanotechnology related ventures, and senior consultant with the Strategic Synergy Group.

He was also a senior fellow at the Institute for Global Futures, a consulting group which provides strategic research, analysis, technical due diligence, and related technology centric development services to Fortune 500 companies and institutions worldwide.

He has been a longtime active member of the Millennium Project, an independent non-profit global participatory futures research think tank of futurists, scholars, business planners, and policy makers who work for international organizations, governments, corporations, NGOs, and universities.

This organization publishes the annual "State of the Future" report and extensive data which serves to provide a dynamic platform for developing workable potential solution sets to address complex, interrelated challenges which affect the world and its populations.

Charles also consulted with a technology development consortium, Fourth Venture, which focused on working with former Soviet Union military scientists, in the context of providing opportunities to redirect this resource toward commercially viable technology projects in the USA, via sponsorship from the IPP (Initiative for Proliferation Prevention) and DOE (Dept of Energy).

Charles has authored numerous technical papers and published articles, targeting general interest, business development, and technology centric audiences.

Most recently was director of special projects at General Hydroponics.

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