Evolution into the next millennium

"What appears to be the future for many, is already the past for some, who are now unfolding it into the present"

I'Latest new interview with Solaris BlueRaven   Oct 2 2020

Pandemics, synthetic biology, socioeconomic systems reset

AI, ALife & Transhuman enhancement 

accelerating coevolutionary symbiosis

At the intersection of transformative technologies and evolutionary paradigms

Evolution tends to favor the most adaptive, rather than merely the "fittest".


Evolution tends to be a trauma induced process, given that the periodicity and amplitude of the encountered trauma cycles do not exceed the system capacity to respond, it will adapt and evolve to a more functional form, or perish.

This system dynamic operates like a fractal, at many scales, from localized microcosm to planetary, in biological, societal, economic, cultural and even political systems . . . as we are witnessing now.


Knowledge and process management complexity, scale, and velocity is exceeding human capacity for mission critical decision rendering compressed into ever shortening time scales, in a hyperconnected operational ecosystem.


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