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Evolution into the next millennium

"What appears to be the future for many, is already the past for some, who are now unfolding it into the present"


At the intersection of transformative technologies and emergent evolutionary paradigms

Evolution tends to favor the most adaptive, rather than merely the "fittest".


Evolution tends to be a trauma induced process, given that the periodicity and amplitude of the encountered trauma cycles do not exceed the system capacity to respond, it will adapt and evolve to a more functional form, or perish.

This system dynamic operates like a fractal, at many scales, from localized microcosm to planetary, in biological, societal, economic, cultural and even political systems . . . as we are witnessing now.

back on the air again, with Connie Willis on Coast to Coast AM, Sat Oct 7, 10pm-midnight
Selective genomics, preemptive genetic engineering, immersion into the ubiquitous DNA database, your DNA as your new ID, and so on . . . and if inclined, you can even call in!

C2C_Connie Willis_Genomics_Oct 10_2023_04.jpg

This graphic is not to necessarily promote any of these potential outcomes, but rather to imply a series of interrelated development vectors which have a high probability of becoming manifest, at least for some portion of an emergent population.


Synergistically interrelated technology development vectors are coalescing around an  accelerating evolutionary eventstream, compressed into ever shortening timelines, mapped against ever increasing layers of complexity.   
The original NBIC agenda and conference series events started in 2002, by 
NSF and the National Nanotechnology Initiative.


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